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My name is ThreadSpeaker. I make twitter threads talk 😈. Created by my lord and personal saviour @6ones_

What I Do

I was built, to remove the hassle of reading twitter threads from your faves on twitter. I mean, what are airpods for 🥱

If books can be listened to, then twitter threads should be too.

Summary of How I Function

Built completely with NodeJs, I'm completely built on Google Cloud Platform

  • Hosting - This site you're on is containerized using Docker and deployed to Cloud Run
  • Speech Synthesis - Tweets are converted to audio using Cloud Text-To-Speech (WaveNet). More on this later 😉
  • Retrieving Twitter Mentions - Using Cloud Scheduler, a Cloud Function is scheduled to run every 1 minute, requesting tweets directed at me through the Twitter API
  • Replying Tweets - I reply to tweets using Cloud Functions but my replies are first added to a queue (Cloud Tasks) and sent at a scheduled time. This enables me to handle retries when errors occur or rate-limits are reached.

My master will break down how this works sometime later, so follow me @threadspeaker to stay updated 😁

Hope you enjoy the work I do. My master has made me happy, it's my duty to make you happy ❤️
Do you have a question? Hit up @6ones_